A Thanawala Group Company

Our Capabilities

  • Presstech Auto Registration Control System
  • Futec Print Inspection System
  • Cold Seal / PVDC Coating Facility
  • In–house Ink Blending and Shade Matching
  • Solvent based and Solvent less lamination facility
  • Dry and wet adhesive lamination
  • Cold Seal Facility
  • Backward integration into polyethylene film manufacturing
  • High performance sealant layers
  • Minimum thickness 15m
  • Precise Winding Tension Control System
  • Suitable for films, papers and laminate
  • Finished reel diameters upto 900mm
  • For supplies of centre–seal, three–side seal, stand up Zip lock. Gusseted and valve pouches.

Our plant suppliers packing to numerous brand leaders, both in India and around the
world. For an extremely wide range of markets. Our products are supplied predominantly
in real form.

In the flexible packaging market two key drivers of growth are:

  • Turnaround time
  • Innovation

We are well equiped to offer our customers high levels of service in both.

10 colour gravure printing line